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Created on 12.11.2018

E-banking – a secure solution

All customers expect their bank to ensure they can always use e-banking securely when they’re on the move. PostFinance undertakes measures, such as secure login procedures and the encryption and monitoring of data, to make certain this requirement is met. This ensures that the data transmitted cannot be seen or changed by third parties when using online banking.

However, many of the preventative security measures undertaken by providers only extend to the user’s  computer or smartphone. Customers are responsible for their own security and neither PostFinance nor any other bank have any influence over it. Computers, tablets and smartphones can be easily protected to ensure maximum security when using e-banking. It’s worth bearing the following tips in mind, not only to ensure secure use of e-banking but also generally when you’re using the internet on your mobile or PC when on the move.

The five rules of online security

1. Storage

Save your data regularly online or on an external storage device.

2. Monitoring

Install security software. The most common operating systems contain a firewall which monitors inward and outward traffic.

3. Prevention

Set up your operating system, programs and apps so that they are regularly updated automatically.

4. Remain vigilant

Adopt a cautious approach on the internet. Think carefully about with whom and where you share personal details. If you are requested to provide user details or to open files in an e-mail, do not respond and delete the e-mail. Check the connection is secure each time you access e-finance. This is indicated by the green font in the address bar.

5. Protect your online data with a strong password

 Setting a strong password provides additional security for your computer or smartphone. When creating a new password, consider its length and complexity. Combine numbers, letters and special characters. Also find out about password managers. These programs help you to securely store your passwords in encrypted format.

Surf with peace of mind

Every computer requires security software, whether it’s a Mac or PC. This not only provides protection against viruses but also other threats, such as spying and data theft. Of the various products on the market, PostFinance recommends Norton Security. Norton provides maximum security for all devices and operating systems. PostFinance customers can purchase this solution at a discounted price in e-finance, in the PostFinance App and at the Postomat.

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