For adults

Are you in the prime of your life with loads you still want to do? Our products and services will help you to achieve your goals. Whether you’re travelling, buying property or want to give you and your loved ones some financial security.

Here’s how to get your retirement planning in tune with your life

Hoping to have sound finances in your old age? Lay the foundations now with private pension provision. We show you how to get your retirement planning right − whatever stage of life you’re at.

The best investment

Make your money work for you and benefit from potential returns on the financial markets. The best investment for you will always depend on your own personal objectives. And needless to say, you also decide how to manage your assets yourself: with the help of professional investment consulting or fully independently. We have the right investment products to suit you. 

Your own place

Dreaming of owning your own home, paying off or extending your mortgage? PostFinance can make you a very attractive mortgage offer.

Your future together

So you and your partner are planning your future together, and you’d like to take care of your finances or give each other some security? Whether you get married or register for a partnership, both decisions will have an effect on money and finances. A partner account helps you to lay the financial foundation for you both. 

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