Structured products

Investment solutions to complement your portfolio

With structured products you can diversify your portfolio and, in turn, exploit potential returns in line with your market expectations and risk profile. With PostFinance, you also benefit from our creditworthiness as a guarantor and the free subscription option in the primary market.

Structured products: take advantage of potential returns in every market situation

  • Structured products in the categories of capital protection, yield enhancement and participation

  • Easy access thanks to a minimum subscription amount of 1,000

  • Compose structured products yourself starting from 20,000

  • Take advantage of global trends with tracker certificates from as little as 25

Purchase, trade or compose structured products yourself

Explore our selection of structured products that we offer in cooperation with Leonteq.

Investing in tracker certificates

It’s easy to make diversified investments in global trends and topics, even in small amounts.

  • E-trading is required in order to subscribe to and/or sell or purchase structured products.

    • Easy: you can subscribe to structured products free of charge with PostFinance as guarantor either online in e-finance or by calling our Investment Business Support team. Transparent:
    • You can hold structured products in e-trading. You can view the current price of your structured products online in e-trading.
    • Flexible: You can sell your structured products or purchase additional products online in e-trading at any time
  • Subscription

    Structured products with PostFinance as guarantor are available for purchase from us free of charge.

    Purchases, sales and custody accounts

    The prices and conditions for e-trading apply to purchases and sales on the secondary market, as well as to the safekeeping of structured products in e-trading.

    • Structured products consist of a traditional investment such as shares or fixed-interest investments and a derivative financial instrument. From a legal point of view, structured products represent obligations or debt claims against the issuer. The creditworthiness of the issuer or of a guarantor of the structured product is therefore of vital importance for the investor.

    • Structured products are suitable for experienced investors who want to invest on rising, falling or sideways-trending markets on a product-by-product basis. When selecting products, investors should consider all risks and ideally evaluate them in the context of the overall portfolio rather than just the individual product.

    • To get an overview of how structured products work, PostFinance has compiled a brochure with all important information, which explains the categories on offer (capital protection, participation and yield enhancement) in detail.

      The link will open in a new window Structured products (PDF)

      The Swiss Structured Products Association (SSPA) offers you further comprehensive information on structured products.

      The link will open in a new window More information is available from

    • Structured products involve the following risks, which can result in price fluctuations and, in extreme cases, even in total losses:

      • Issuer risk: issuer risk includes unfavourable developments of the structured product resulting from the creditworthiness of the issuer.
      • Market risk: market risk is the risk of possible losses due to unfavourable developments of the structured product’s underlying asset.
      • Currency risk: currency risks include unfavourable developments in the repayment value and the secondary market price for structured products, caused by exchange rate fluctuations.
      • Liquidity risk: liquidity risk arises if the structured product is not traded frequently during its term and cannot be sold at a appropriate price.

      Detailed information on the structured products and their risks can be found in the brochures below.

      The link will open in a new window Structured products(PDF)

      An in-depth insight into the risks involved in trading financial instruments can be found in the brochure below from the Swiss Bankers Association.

      The link will open in a new window Risks Involved in Trading Financial Instruments (PDF)

      The Swiss Structured Products Association (SSPA) offers you further comprehensive information on structured products.

      The link will open in a new window More information is available from

      Other risks may exist depending on the type of structured product. More information on this subject can be found in the documentation of the respective structured product. These documents can be obtained free of charge by calling our Investment Business Support team on 0848 900 009 (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland).

    • Structured products offer the following advantages compared to other investment instruments:

      • Structured products allow everyone to form an opinion about the market. They can therefore focus on rising, falling or sideways-tending price developments.
      • Depending on the form of a structured product, it can cater for every risk profile.
      • With structured products, you can invest in any investment class, benefiting from a broader diversification than with traditional investment classes.

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