The crypto fragrance

Finally, crypto for every nose

We’ve created the fragrance of crypto with the help of artificial intelligence. Get one of 1,000 Le Crypt Eau de Parfum bottles free of charge at selected PostFinance branches.

An entirely new concept. An entirely new fragrance. An entirely unique item.

Our perfume is one of the must unusual fragrances in the world. Based on PostFinance’s values as interpreted by AI, it’s made of ingredients such as bergamot, mint and lavender, which symbolizes trust and security. Le Crypt Eau de Parfum will envelop you in the newly created, unique scent of crypto.

Finally, crypto for everyone. It’s completely normal.

Would you like to own crypto instead of just experiencing its scent? If so, buy cryptos worth 100 US dollars from 21 February to 30 April 2024, and you will automatically be entered into the prize draw to win three bitcoins.

How AI created the crypto fragrance

Watch our behind-the-scenes video to see how perfumer Uwe Manasse took the idea from AI to create the fragrance.