It’s completely normal.

Showing up to your financial consultation in sweatpants. Paying the smart way without cash or cards. Investing from your sofa, without wasting any time. Or would you rather discuss everything privately at a branch? At PostFinance, it’s all completely normal. With us you can manage everything related to your money however it suits you.

2.6 million customers, but 0 self-importance. It’s completely normal.

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Advising the apprentice first, then the millionaire. It’s completely normal.

Financial advice for all is our motto. Individual, simple and understandable for everybody. Arrange an appointment now.

Master your future with an investment plan? It’s completely normal.

Lean back, relax and let your money work for you. Start right away with your individual investment solution.

There’s more to discover

Debit & credit cards

Pay by card or withdraw money from an ATM, abroad and locally.
It’s completely normal.

E-banking and apps

Carry out your banking transactions whenever and wherever you want – it’s as simple as that.

Mobile payment solutions

Whether you’re using TWINT, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or SwatchPAY!. We’ve got them all.

Retirement planning

The right retirement planning for every phase of your life. We offer the perfect solution for your retirement needs.