It’s completely normal.

Our 2.5 million customers can count on us – whether physically or digitally – wherever they are and whatever their account balance. It’s completely normal.

PostFinance – It’s completely normal (German)

Totally the neobank with Yuh. It’s completely normal.

A mortgage for more joy. It’s completely normal.

There’s more to discover

Banking packages and accounts

Banking packages at attractive conditions – free of charge for customers up to 30.

E-banking and apps

Carry out your banking transactions whenever and wherever you want.

Retirement planning

The right retirement planning for every phase of your life. We offer the perfect solution for your retirement needs.

Payment transactions

Make payments easily at home or abroad – whether one-off or recurring.


Whether you’re a small or large investor, we help you find the best investment strategy for you.


Financial advice for all is our motto – individual, simple and understandable for everybody. Arrange an appointment now.