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Send or receive digital invoices with absolute ease – even for customers with few invoices


Do you want to digitize the way you send and receive invoices? But you don’t use any software, or you don’t have software with an interface to PostFinance?

No problem: use the PostFinance eInvoicing portal to send and receive digitally structured invoices. Our portal enables you to share B2B electronic invoices (for business partners) or to send eBill invoices (for private customers).  

How does it work?

You have two options for sending invoices: you can either upload your PDF invoices individually to our eInvoicing portal to send them as B2B electronic invoices or eBill invoices, or you can enter the invoices manually. To receive invoices, download the digitally structured invoices from your providers for further processing.  

PDF upload – ideal for small volumes of invoices

Uploading in PDF format is the ideal solution if you send only a small number of digital invoices. You can upload your PDF file regardless of whether it has a QR code or not. And we will check whether all the information required for electronic mailing is recognized. You can then enter any information that may be missing.

Select “Send invoices” > “PDF invoices” in the menu.

We have compiled additional information on the eInvoicing portal and the options available to you in a separate document (see PDF below).

The benefit of the eInvoicing portal for you: just one interface

No matter which customer segment you want to share invoices with, and no matter how you upload your invoices on the eInvoicing portal: with us, everything is done through one and the same electronic interface.

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Benefit from digital invoicing processes and register via the eInvoicing portal: