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ISO 20022: New ISO version for pain/camt messages

Do you submit payment orders in pain format? Do you receive account statements in camt format? Please note that since 21 November 2022, the new 2019 version of ISO 20022 has been available in the Swiss financial center for all pain and camt messages. PostFinance offers a transition period until November 2025. By then, the processing systems must be able to handle the new ISO version 2019.

Switchover recommendations

Even though incoming (pain.001/pain.002) and outgoing deliveries (camt) are essentially decoupled, we recommend making the switchover simultaneously if possible to exclude the error source of a possible inconsistency. The PostFinance The link will open in a new window test platform can be used to simulate the situation in advance.

In particular, please bear in mind that you must notify us in advance as soon as you want us to deliver the camt messages with the new ISO 2019 version to you. There is no need to notify us separately when it comes to submitting pain messages. You can simply send us the new ISO version in pain.001 format, and we will send back the relevant pain.002 messages, likewise in the new ISO version.

Details on the modifications in the messages