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Created on 05.11.2019

Tips for a successful pitch

A successful pitch can win over investors, new customers and other supporters for your company. At the same time, it gives your company a distinctive identity. It is therefore essential that you present your pitch with both competence and authenticity.

At its appearance on “Die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz” (the Swiss version of the show “Dragons’ Den”), the start-up Sharely impressed investors and the public alike with its pitch for a rental platform. Thanks to the viewers’ votes, Sharely not only won investment from three of the entrepreneurs, but was also awarded the Smart Start Package from PostFinance and the Institut für Jungunternehmen (IFJ).

Andreas and Gunda from the Zurich-based start-up give us their tips for a successful pitch and tell us how they prepared for their presentation on “Die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz”.

Show enthusiasm

“A pitch needs to be well prepared,” says Andreas from Sharely. For their appearance on “Die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz”, they planned every line of their pitch and thought carefully about the story they wanted to tell and what they absolutely needed the investors to know. To find out how your pitch comes across to others, it is advisable to try it out before the big day on an audience that does not know your company. “We pitched to all kinds of people and got a lot of valuable tips,” says Gunda.

The important points of your pitch must be kept as short and concise as possible: “You need to cut straight to the point of your product, because you don’t have a lot of time to persuade your audience,” says Andreas from Sharely. Gunda also feels it is vital to communicate your commitment and personal enthusiasm for your company during your pitch, in order to trigger an emotional response from your audience. Andreas adds that the public must perceive the product not just as a business model, but also as something that the team truly believes in. “That way, the investor knows that we will persevere if things get tough.”

Ideally, you should carry out a debrief after the pitch – because this can help you learn lessons for future pitches. After a successful presentation, however, all of your stress turns into pure pride. Every pitch is a challenge, but also a unique opportunity.

Seven tips for a persuasive pitch

  1. Give the pitch beforehand to people who do not know your company
  2. Accept feedback from outsiders and implement it if necessary
  3. Keep your message short and concise
  4. Demonstrate your own enthusiasm
  5. Be emotive
  6. Stay authentic
  7. Carry out a debrief and learn from your conclusions

The Smart Start Package from PostFinance and the Institut für Jungunternehmen (IFJ)

“Sharely” won one of two Smart Start Packages worth CHF 10,000 on the Swiss version of Dragons’ Den. The Smart Start Package includes start-up coaching, publicity with PostFinance and the IFJ, a photo shoot and the opportunity to present yourself at a start-up event held in the PostFinance innovation lab.

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