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Created on 19.05.2021

Switching to the QR-bill: here’s how it works in practice

The chimney sweep company Morgenthaler Kaminfeger sends out around 10,000 invoices a year. Since June 2020, their customers no longer receive inpayment slips, but instead receive QR-bills. Master chimney sweep Roland Morgenthaler tells us in an interview how straightforward the switchover was.

Businessman Roland Morgenthaler, from Münsingen, is moving with the times: not only in terms of working with heating systems, but also in terms of administration work. In June 2020, the company Morgenthaler Kaminfeger sent its customers a QR-bill for the very first time. The QR-bill is set to replace the red and orange inpayment slip by 30 September 2022. This was essentially done at the click of a button.

How did the switch from inpayment slips to the QR-bill go?

Straightforward and seamless. All we had to do was tick a box in the Winfeger software programme we use (an industry solution for chimney sweeps and heating system inspectors), and from that point onwards, our invoices were printed as QR-bills.

When and under what circumstances did you first hear about QR-bill?

The Swiss financial center actually announced the QR-bill several years ago. We spoke about this at the time in the Winfeger core team, and as someone who uses this software, I could contribute my own practical experience to the discussion. Winfeger decided to get ready to use QR-bill and prepare for its eventual introduction.

In June 2020, any users who wanted it could switch to the QR-bill. We did this right away.

Why did you decide to switch to QR-bill right away?

QR-bill makes our admin work easier. We take invoices to every customer appointment, which are prepared in the office and already have a QR code printed on them. Once the chimney sweep work is done, our employees use an app to enter their expenses on-site, and then scan the QR code on one of the invoices they have with them. The QR code is then “fed in” using the stored customer data so that the invoice can be handed over to the customer on the spot. In the past, we had to enter long numbers manually, which made us more susceptible to errors. The QR-bill reduces the risk of error to zero, and we also no longer have to send invoices by post. This also allows us to work very efficiently when it comes to invoicing.

Does the QR-bill come with any other benefits?

In the past, I often had to make enquiries and enquire where a payment was coming from if a customer made a mistake transferring invoice information. The QR-bill, on the other hand, allows me to classify payments myself because the relevant information is contained within the QR code.

The switchover is set for 30 September 2022

The QR-bill paves the way for efficient, automated payment transactions, and makes it easier for companies to process their bills, which in turn reduces the administrative effort. Seeing as it will no longer be possible to process the red and orange inpayment slips from 1 October 2022, now’s the time to start planning for the changeover to the QR-bill.

Find out more about the switch to the QR-bill

When you switched over, did you send every invoice as a QR-bill, or did you also use the red and orange inpayment slips at the same time?

QR-bill is all we’ve been using since June 2020.

How did customers react to the new Morgenthaler Kaminfeger QR-bill?

When we delivered invoices in person to the customers, we actually told them about the new invoicing method we would be using. In these instances, everything was fine. There were very few queries when we’d placed the invoices in the customers’s private letter box in their absence. Some did first have to come to terms with the fact that our invoices would now look different.

How do you process QR-bills from suppliers?

We pay the invoices with the online banking app and use the scanner feature.

The electronic invoice could automate the receivables process and make it even more straightforward. Are you planning on introducing eBill?

We are currently in discussions about this.

How important is digitization to your business?

Digitization makes our lives much easier as far as organization and admin work is concerned. The software we use contains all the components we need for our business: from time recording to salary management, from scheduling to invoicing. The software provides us with round-the-clock access to the information we need: if we get a customer call, I can know in 15 seconds what heating systems are installed in the property in question, whether there are any outstanding deadlines, whether their invoices have been paid and so on. This allows us to provide our customers with the best possible support.

What do you love about your job?

That it’s so varied. Not only do we come into contact with a wide variety of customers, we also encounter all sorts of systems and facilities: this could be a living room fireplace, central heating in a basement, a large combustion system in a district heating facility or in an industrial building. This is why I am particularly pleased that I’m back on the road again doing more and more chimney sweep work. In recent years, I’ve often been busy elsewhere as Chair of the Bern Chimney Sweep Association, the BKV

About Roland Morgenthaler

Roland Morgenthaler set up his chimney sweep company The link will open in a new window Morgenthaler Kaminfeger in 1999 as the youngest chimney sweep in the canton of Bern at the time. The company has its head office in Münsingen, as well as a branch in Zweisimmen.

About the QR-bill and eBill

QR-bill helps the company process its invoices more easily, which in turn reduces the administrative workload.

With eBill, you give your customers the option of receiving, checking and paying QR-bills in their online banking accounts in a completely digital way.

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