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Created on 24.04.2019

PostFinance “startup space” workplace – Kimata Networks secures a spot

For Kimata, the second half at the startup space in Schlieren is already under way – the recently established company will work here until the end of June. Its founder Abraham Bobrovsky secured a free workplace for six months in this enriching environment thanks to the PostFinance “startup space” competition. In the interview, he explains how he benefits from this every day.

Abraham Bobrovsky, Gründer des Startups Kimata Networks, an seinem kostenlosen Arbeitsplatz im startup space Schlieren

Your start-up is called Kimata – what does that mean?

Kimata is the Greek word for wave. My business partner Orestis Zambounis, with whom I founded the company, came up with the name. And making waves is exactly what we‘re trying to do.

In what way?

In a first step, we developed the Mervana app which enables users to create and share microgames very intuitively and without any programming knowledge. These are simple 2-D animations for smartphones. In a second step, we’re now trying to convince business customers to display advertising in our app environment. We’re doing this through the start-up Kimata Networks, which we founded in June 2018. 

What can these microgames be used for?

Let’s assume it’s your friend’s birthday. Instead of sending her a normal text message, the app user gives the person a surprise with a self-created microgame. For example, the person whose birthday it is receives a picture of a cake – and when they tap on this little kittens leap out. Imagination knows no bounds when it comes to the creation of microgames. 

How do advertisers benefit from placing advertising in the app environment?

It’s a great platform for cool brands. On the Mervana app, advertisers will find a young, fun-loving and dedicated audience which spends a comparatively long period of time on the app and has a high attention span. And placement costs are also inexpensive at the moment.

What are the main challenges facing you at the moment?

My main task at the moment is persuading advertisers what our app has to offer. I’m also out of the office a great deal and make new contacts almost every day. To help potential advertisers make even better-informed decisions in future, we provide them with additional data and information, for example, on app usage duration, the age of our users and their geographical origin.

To what extent is the workplace at the startup space in Schlieren helping you to drive forward your emerging company?

Our place means that I learn every day from other start-ups in a similar situation to our own. I discuss a lot of things with other recently established companies and find out how they overcome challenges. It really is a fantastic environment here. Relocating from Basel to Zurich has definitely paid off. Here we’re right in touch with what’s going on.

What business goals have you set for the end of June?

By enabling us to gain advertisers for our app. We’re working on the app’s software in parallel. The next step here is an iOS version for the App Store, in addition to the Android one that’s already available.

Where do you see your company in five years?

Our aim is to attract 100,000 users to our app within five years and to position ourselves in the field of interactive advertising. I can see huge potential here. 

Why will your company be successful?

We’re still right at the very start today, and a lot of things can change. Our job is to continually adapt our solutions to meet market requirements and we’re doing so systematically.

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