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Created on 12.11.2018 | Updated on 01.10.2021

Digital transformation at SMEs

The Todo agency in Lausanne has gone entirely digital. Its founder Gaëtan Dubuis advices customers on producing digital strategies and creatively implements their content together with his team. He uses digital solutions from PostFinance for his business processes. This saves time and is very practical.

Gaëtan Dubuis has a digital ethos. In 2015, he went completely digital and founded the   Todo agency in Lausanne. “Our agency is completely digital. However we can see that our customers still find it a bit difficult.” There is still room to optimize the degree of digitization. The economy and Switzerland in general are still lagging behind in terms of the  digital transformation . Dubuis and his SME  are setting a good example here. He completely digitized his business processes right from the outset. “For many companies  digitization simply means having a website at the moment.” That’s obviously important. However, the customers in his customer target group are using different digital platforms. “And that’s precisely where we’re focusing our activities. We help them to reach their target group in the  digital age  with a clear strategy and content.”

Understanding the digital world

The Todo agency also provides support here. “Everything depends on the individual company and its goals,” says Dubuis. He has to gain a full understanding of them before he can recommend a suitable strategy. “Is the company seeking higher visibility or does it want to trigger more digital transactions?” Once this has been established, support can be provided, including in the selection of media. Being present on a platform can be beneficial, but which one? Experience shows that some customers want to use all networks without knowing how they work or what their tone is. “There are differences you have to understand to be successful.”

Developing and implementing digital strategies

Once the strategy has been established, Dubuis, his permanent staff and a well-established network of freelancers creatively implement the content. “We provide our customers with infographics, 3-D animation, holograms as well as video and audio production.” They possess great expertise in this field as well as in intuitive use, the development  of digital solutions  and short contact paths. “These services are also greatly appreciated by other agencies which we support in these areas.” Innovation is also important to Dubuis: He soon plans to go a step further and launch a new solution on the market. However, he doesn’t want to give too much away yet.

Too many cooks spoil the broth

Dubuis advises anyone  looking to introduce digital data and tools to involve as few contact persons as possible. “We’ve sometimes found that customers work with many different contact persons. To achieve a  business goal, it’s nevertheless important to optimize  processes and to work with a small number of contact partners.”   This is also very important to him personally which is why he enjoys working with PostFinance. It is not just about PostFinance’s technology, but also about proximity, expertise and easy accessibility.

Attractive solutions for start-ups

Dubuis has been with PostFinance since he launched his company. “The attractive offer for start-ups appealed to me over those of other banks.” He has never regretted his decision either as he greatly values the contact with his advisor. “I needed a lot of support at the start and received excellent advice right from the off.”

It uses exactly the solutions which suit it best as a Swiss SME. One example is e-finance. “This increases efficiency as I’ve got access from everywhere and at all times. That’s important to me as I travel a lot.” 

This page has an average rating of %r out of 5 stars based on a total of %t ratings
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