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Created on 09.11.2020

Self-check: are you digitally fit?

From artificial intelligence, blockchain to fintech: this self-check gives an indication of your personal level of digital fitness.

Digital fitness is like physical fitness: a rolling stone gathers no moss. Test your knowledge of digitization now with these 14 questions.

Question 1: What does artificial intelligence (AI) mean?
Question 2: What is the name of the technology that is used to supplement images or videos with additional computer-generated information or virtual objects?
Question 3: A blockchain is…
Question 4: Nowadays, people often use agile working methods when developing products and services…
Question 5: When was the first Twitter message sent?
Question 6: In IT, a sequence of instructions used to solve a specific problem is also known as…
Question 7: What are platform business models?
Question 8: What does IoT stand for?
Question 9: Scrum is…
Question 10: A smart meter is…
Question 11: What is the name for technologies that enable true innovations and drive out existing technologies and the products or business models based upon them?
Question 12: What is an API?
Question 13: What does fintech mean?
Question 14: When did the World Wide Web officially launch?

14 questions
Correct answer = 3 points
Incorrect answer = 0 points

More information on digitization is published on this blog on a regular basis.

This page has an average rating of %r out of 5 stars based on a total of %t ratings
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