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Jobs in IT: would you like to work like this too?

Agile working, home office or an insight into a variety of diverse projects: in the video, our IT specialists explain why it’s cool to work at PostFinance. We also wanted three people to tell us about their jobs. Would you like to do that too?

Andrew Xavier, Business Analyst in Solution Team Mobile

  • As a business analyst, I receive business requirements that I a) critically scrutinize and analyse, in order to b) define the technical implications, for which I c) create the specifications and implementation tasks. The tasks are dealt with in an agile manner in two-week sprints.

  • The variety of different business requirements competing with platform-specific (iOS & Android) and technical realities. And our goal: we are continuously developing the mobile banking app – for the benefit of our customers.

  • I started out as the first masters trainee in IT. This meant that I didn't have to steer my career in a certain direction as a fresh university graduate, but I was able to gain insight and experience in different areas. Following my own personal interests, I was able to look into the various applications, expand my expertise and develop myself further.

  • My team is great and very close-knit. We get on well and help each other out. You can see this, for example, when we cover for each other when someone takes holiday leave, and everything still runs very smoothly.

  • I would apply for a job in IT at PostFinance again any time because the corporate culture is unique. Right from your first day at work, people treat you as an equal, you can expand your network, and you can really sense that your colleagues are there for you.

Lukas von Rotz, IT Business Analyst in Solution Team Mobile

  • As an IT business analyst, you could say I’m the link between the software developers and the business. I convert business requirements into technical specifications. I focus on communication and mediation between the various stakeholders, such as business representatives, product owners, UX and software developers.

  • I find it really exciting to see the results of my work – in the form of the e-banking app. I never feel like a small cog in a big machine. The size of the company means that I can also gain insights into a wide range of areas. I’m also able to improve my English every day, since both spoken and written communication is often in English.

  • I wanted to work in a team that is agile and uses cutting-edge technologies. But the most important thing for me was a working environment where people communicate on the same level. And this is something that I’m still very satisfied with.

  • We’re a very young team in which I feel really comfortable. There’s a lot of joking around, and people meet up regularly after work for a beer. I also know I can rely completely on the other team members and count on their support when I need it.

  • I would apply again for the following reasons:

    1. Because of the working atmosphere: I really like the informal culture and the fact that we can communicate as equals, including with our managers.
    2. Because of further training: PostFinance supports me generously in my further training.
    3. Because of networking: there are many opportunities, such as events and receptions, to exchange ideas with other employees (even those from completely different departments).

Cécile Schreier, Systems Specialist in Linux / ICT

  • As a team, we look after the PostFinance infrastructure. This includes the design, setup, configuration and operation of Linux system environments. I also provide daytime and on-call services across the Linux and Kubernetes system platform. I also supervise an apprentice for each one (either in the third or fourth year of apprenticeship or on the way-up apprenticeship scheme). And I’m involved in setting up and running the OpenSource Vault environment. I also recently began chairing the team meeting and have been able to assist with organizational issues (such as internal team workshops).

  • Because of the many products and technologies we use, my work is extremely varied. I really relish the ‘detective cases’ where you have to work out the solution.

  • I did my apprenticeship at Swiss Post (as a way-up apprentice) and spent my second year on a placement at PostFinance. I was then able to benefit from the company’s offer to employ apprentices for a limited term of one year – provided it suited both parties. This meant I was able to get to know the company as a trainee and was hired on a permanent basis after that initial year. After an internal transfer, I ended up in my current team. What kept me at PostFinance was the flexibility and the trust placed in us.

  • My team includes every age group, from apprentices to people nearing retirement. Each person is valued and can contribute their knowledge and ideas. We communicate as equals, and I appreciate that very much. We are open in the way we communicate with each other, which means that criticism can be voiced and we admit our mistakes.

  • PostFinance places a great deal of trust in its employees, giving them freedom. This also gives you more responsibility. That’s something I really enjoy.

Would you also like a great IT job at PostFinance?

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