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Created on 06.08.2020

IT jobs: what does a case spotter actually do?

What tasks do case spotters perform and what skills are needed for this IT job? Manuel Vazquez from PostFinance provides the answers.

What is meant by case spotter?

Case spotter is not an official job title, but it is an exciting area of work. Case spotters look for ways to make work processes easier or more efficient by using software robots, known as bots.

That’s a case spotter’s job

“On-site observations, study of documents or staff who come to me with an idea for automating a work process are the starting point for my work,” Manuel Vazquez explains. He works for PostFinance and has helped to set up the field of activity internally. “After a staff member tells me exactly what they do, I think about how robotics can be used and what tasks the robot should take on.” If the solution proposed is suitable, a program is then developed to take on the task or process step defined. Repetitive tasks in particular are ideal candidates for automation. “We work in a wide range of areas and tackle each project individually – meaning the path to the solution is different every time.”

How to become a case spotter

Case spotters are generally technology-savvy business management graduates or IT professionals interested in processes and consulting. “You need to be methodical and to work in a structured way: what is the issue? What needs to be done? What should the outcome be?” Manuel Vazquez explains. “You also need to know what kind of technology could potentially be used: what can robotics do? When are other technologies needed? What are the limits?”

What you need to become a case spotter

To do this job you must be flexible because you need to grasp different situations very quickly and have an open mind as there’s never just one solution. And Manuel Vazquez adds: “continuous learning is also vitally important because technology is constantly changing.” Case spotting is also considered a new profession and robotics a trending technology, which may be replaced by something new in a few years. So life as a case spotter definitely won’t be dull.

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