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Created on 13.11.2019

Off on honeymoon: which honeymoon type are you?

Newly married? After saying “I do” many people head off on their honeymoon. The travel destinations to choose from are as varied as couples’ requirements: some seek romantic togetherness on a secluded island while others look for a rush of adrenaline on a big adventure. A short guide to different types of honeymoon – including (wholly unromantic, but practical) tips on money.

For most people, honeymoons go with weddings like rings and wedding cake. A honeymoon should be unforgettable and sublime. A journey to seventh heaven, so to speak. How do you find shared bliss on your travels and get to grips with foreign payments, despite the butterflies in your stomach? Our guide to different types of honeymoon shows you how.

A little unromantic, but still important: tips on money

Whatever honeymoon type you are: the following tips will ensure financial harmony, even on your honeymoon.

  • Have you rented a car or accommodation abroad (Europe) in the run-up to your trip and received an invoice for it? Pay conveniently in e-finance with SEPA (for IBAN payments in euros in the eurozone). The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) has standardized payment transactions in Europe, making transferring money easier and more transparent, without additional costs. Find out more about SEPA.
  • Want to take some cash with you in the local currency? Order it conveniently in e-finance and have it sent to you. Find out more about foreign currencies.
  • If you met a nice family abroad who generously hosted you, do you now wish to thank them with a sum of money? Pay sums of money into foreign accounts with Giro international (worldwide, even if there is no IBAN available). Find out more about Giro international.
  • Have you realized after setting off that you have not changed enough foreign currency? Withdraw cash worldwide with the PostFinance Card. Find out more about the PostFinance Card. Or use your credit card during your holiday abroad. Our article “How does a credit card benefit me on my travels?” shows why using a credit card abroad is beneficial.
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