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Created on 12.05.2021

Internet legal protection: staying safe online

Being able to organize so much of our day-to-day lives online is extremely convenient – whether it’s shopping, keeping in touch with people or carrying out banking transactions. It’s just a pity that there are also dangers lying in wait online. You can stay safe online too by taking out legal protection insurance with internet cover.

  • Have you paid for something that you ordered online, but never received the goods?
  • Have you ever been insulted or harassed online?
  • Have you posted pictures of you and your family on social media, only to find them being used on someone else’s profile without your consent?
  • Has your computer been targeted by Trojan horse malware?
  • Is someone using your identity online unlawfully and harming others?
  • Have criminals managed to gain access to your bank details?
  • Is your credit card regularly being used to buy products, but not by you?

Problems online are increasingly frequent

You may recognize one or more of these situations from your own experience, or have heard about them because someone you know has been affected by something similar. Problems related to our use of the internet are becoming ever more common. Unfortunately, the number of issues arising from internet use is increasing just as fast as our need for digital services.

What can you do to defend yourself?

It doesn’t matter if it’s an inadvertent error, or a malicious attack − the damage which results can often be considerable, for your wallet, your reputation or both. But what should you do to protect yourself from the consequences of incidents such as these? How can you defend yourself? Help comes in the form of private legal protection insurance, with internet cover included. It helps you when taking action against online offences under civil law or to salvage or recover data on electronic devices after a hacking attack.

Internet legal protection as additional insurance

Internet cover from PostFinance legal protection insurance for private individuals provides comprehensive cover. This can be taken out as an add-on module to the basic package at a reasonable price and is ideal for anyone who frequently uses the internet and would like to continue to do so with peace of mind. You can calculate the premium for the basic package, including any desired supplementary cover such as internet legal protection, easily online with no obligation. And if the offer appeals to you, you can take out the policy right there and then in just a few clicks.

This page has an average rating of %r out of 5 stars based on a total of %t ratings
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