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Created on 12.11.2018

How you can save money thanks to digital banking

Fees are a bugbear for many bank customers. They can build up unnoticed and put strain on your budget. We show you how you can save time and money and reduce bank fees thanks to digitization.

Your bank charges you for various services as a customer. Each fee is generally in line with the bank’s actual costs. The price of these services individually may not be very high. But significant costs can be accrued over a month or a whole year. We’ve compiled a list of key savings tips for avoiding unnecessary expenses. It’s worth keeping a close eye on which services you need and which you could do without. Our most important savings tip is based on a simple principle – use digitization!

Tip: manage your account online with digital banking

Take advantage of the opportunity to manage your accounts digitally. The rapid development of technology means that digital banking has become a standard product for Swiss banks. With The link will open in a new window e-finance, PostFinance also provides such a solution for its customers. E-banking not only allows you to save time but also to use paid services less expensively or even free of charge. By following this savings tip, you won’t only have lower potential fees. It also opens the door to other relevant banking functions such as the creation of e-bills. You’ll no longer receive invoices from Switzerland in paper form but instead directly in your bank’s e-banking solution where you can check and quickly approve them. And if you really want to have access to banking functions from anywhere and at any time, use mobile banking on your smartphone, for example with the PostFinance App.

Tip: opt to no longer receive account statements in paper format

As a customer, your bank may regularly send account statements to you regularly by post – usually once a month. You can request additional account statements, but this service is often subject to a charge. In contrast, electronic account statements from the past 24 months are free of charge and can be viewed digitally at any time. No new charges are incurred. Thanks to online banking, you not only save on bank fees but can avoid using paper. That way you also make a small contribution to protecting the environment.

Tip: conduct international payment transactions online

Do you regularly transfer money abroad? Then you should follow this savings tip to reduce the fees you pay. If you carry out such transfers digitally instead of at the counter or via an order, most banks charge lower fees. The processing of electronic payment orders or electronic standing orders costs less. That’s also true at PostFinance.

Additional savings tip: pay invoices online

Banks throughout Switzerland often charge higher fees for orders issued in person at the counter than if this procedure is carried out digitally. For example, banks charge recipients of payments made over the counter using an inpayment slip a fee which can vary depending on the amount. You can ensure recipients do not pay this banking fee if you transfer the amount to them. You also save time this way. And, as we all know, time is money.

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