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Created on 20.01.2022

QR-bill and eBill: good reasons for digital invoicing

The QR-bill and eBill make a significant contribution to digital payment transactions in Switzerland. While the QR-bill is standard for all companies in Switzerland, eBill is available as an additional option. There are many reasons to consider introducing eBill.

A step into the digital age with the QR-bill and eBill

The two payment solutions are a milestone in digitization. While the QR-bill bridges the gap between the analogue and digital worlds, eBill goes much further. eBill does away with media disruption for good: invoice issuers send their invoices securely and directly to the e-banking or mobile banking of their customers. Customers check all the details online and can then approve the invoices for payment with a click. This digitizes the entire process from creating invoices to payment. More than 4,000 companies already use eBill.

eBill as a logical step towards digitization

Once you have switched to QR-bill, switching to eBill in addition is well worth it. Here are the five most important advantages of eBill for companies:

Reason 1: “Invoicing is more efficient and more cost-efficient for us.”

As the processes are completely digital, eBill invoices do not need to be typed out and cannot be lost. This eliminates potential sources of errors and companies therefore save the time and expense of investigating errors. In addition, many manual steps that were previously required for invoicing and payment processes are now redundant. And at the same time, companies have full control over the entire invoicing process. Issuing and processing invoices is not just easier and more efficient with eBill – it’s also more cost-efficient compared to paper invoices.

Reason 2: “We receive the money on time.”

As the experiences of companies who already use eBill demonstrate, customers pay their invoices more reliably when using eBill compared to paper and e-mail invoices. The fact that the due date preset by companies for the invoices appears as a suggestion in e-banking helps with this.

Reason 3: “eBill is very practical for our customers.”

Companies that use eBill simplify things both for the business and for their customers. As invoice recipients receive and check their invoices directly in their e-banking, they can pay them easily and securely.

Useful information

The e-bill solution for invoice issuers gives invoice issuers the option of sending electronic invoices directly to the accounting software of their business customers.

Reason 4: “We help save resources.”

With eBill, there is no need for paper, envelopes or franking. Invoices are created digitally in the invoicing software and transmitted as an eBill invoice to the e-banking of the invoice recipient with no media disruption. This helps save resources and contributes to increased sustainability. Companies are therefore also doing their bit for the climate.

Reason 5: “We show that we are progressive.”

Companies that use eBill demonstrate that they are moving with the times and using digitization to their advantage – and not just in their traditional core business.

Using eBill

Would you like to use eBill via PostFinance as a network partner? Our experts will be happy to help you launch eBill. Get in touch with your PostFinance advisor now.

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