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Created on 02.09.2020

Just a few questions: the bite-size business quiz

Which is the correct answer? Answer these questions to test your knowledge on economics, finance, and entrepreneurship in Switzerland.

Easy as pie, moderate, or difficult? We have some questions for you — a bit of light relief during your busy working day.

Question 1: There are 590,253 companies in Switzerland (figures published in 2019). How many of these are SMEs with up to 249 employees?
Question 2 Which of these is not a legal entity?
Question 3: What is the term for the capital which is made available to a company by a creditor for a limited period of time and is repayable?
Question 4: What is a free trade agreement?
Question 5: What percentage of employees in Switzerland work in a small business with up to nine employees (figures published in 2019)?
Question 6: What is the liquidity ratio 3?
Question 7: What are platform business models?
Question 8: Which companies do not need to keep double entry accounts?
Question 9: How many companies were founded in Switzerland in the first half of 2020?
Question 10: Which of these VAT rates is not applied in Switzerland?
Question 11: And now for a HR question: what does the turnover rate indicate?
Question 12: Which country experienced the greatest economic growth in 2019 (based on the rate of increase in its GDP)?
Question 13: The balance sheet is a comparison of...?
Question 14: Which of the following statements about the QR-bill is incorrect?
Question 15: What are incoterms?
Question 16: Working capital is a synonym for…?
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