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Foreign trade: how to draw up contracts and General Terms and Conditions

Drawing up decent contracts and General Terms and Conditions is a real challenge for companies doing business abroad. This e-book provides useful expertise and some practical tips.

Is your company looking to purchase a new production facility, enter a long-term delivery commitment, rent some business premises or start working with other companies? Fundamental to all these activities is a solid contract that regulates the rights and obligations of the contracting parties. Good contracts don’t just help the contracting parties handle their business as smoothly as possible, they also help prevent disputes.

What needs to be regulated?

But how exactly should a contract be drawn up? What aspects does it need to regulate? In our e-book, companies will find out how to flesh out even the most complex of contracts that deal with more than just everyday business. The book focuses in particular on General Terms on Conditions (GTC). These are an effective tool that protect the company as it undergoes internationalization. After all, if a company decides to do business without GTC, they are running the very high risk of their partners violating agreements at a later date. Here is an overview of the topics covered in the guide:

  • Drawing up contracts: find out about the different steps and tools involved in contract negotiations, such as letters of intent, term sheets, preliminary contracts and non-disclosure agreements
  • Structure and core components of a good contract: find out the core components of a good contract
  • Incorporating General Terms and Conditions: find out about the meaning and purpose of GTC, as well as the legal framework for incorporating them
This page has an average rating of %r out of 5 stars based on a total of %t ratings
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