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Created on 30.10.2019

Foreign trade: how to enter the market successfully with direct exports

Is your company looking to harness market opportunities outside Switzerland as well? Our e-book will provide you with invaluable expertise on direct export planning and strategy to ensure that you get off to a flying start in business abroad right away.

According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, Switzerland is among those countries whose foreign trade accounts for the highest proportion of its GDP: in 2018, Switzerland exported CHF 303.9 billion worth of goods abroad and imported CHF 273.4 billion worth of goods. By far the most popular type of foreign trade in Switzerland is direct exports. This involves exporting products and services to foreign markets without going through export trading companies.

Expert tips for direct exports

But how exactly do companies start out in the world of direct exports if they hardly have any experience in the matter? Our comprehensive e-book “Starting out in foreign trade” provides companies with invaluable expert tips. It gives a very frank rundown of aspects that are often ignored in day-to-day business and helps companies launch their foreign trade projects in a structured manner, ensuring they make the necessary preparations. The e-book offers answers to the following questions:

  • How do we create an export strategy for our company?
  • Why is an export plan so important, and what are the dos and don’ts?
  • How do we select the most appropriate foreign markets – including checklists for narrowing down potential countries and conducting a market analysis?
  • How do we decide whether we should/can take the entrepreneurial risks associated with doing business abroad in the first place?
  • How can we check whether our company meets the necessary requirements for trading abroad, and how can we tell where our organization needs to be adapted?
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