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Created on 31.10.2019

Foreign trade: how companies manage export risks

Political unrest, difficulties transporting goods or falling demand: export business is associated with a certain amount of risk. We provide you with a guide on how to manage export risks, as well as a tool you can use to assess your export risks.

Economic slumps cause revenue in international markets to decrease, unrest and strikes hamper product sales, international competitors copy technologies, floods and storms delay transport – these are all examples of risks Swiss companies experience in export business. The question is how to deal with these risks so as to keep them under control and avoid putting the company in jeopardy.

Here’s what experienced companies do

Companies with international experience set themselves apart by factoring a wide variety of different risks into their export decisions. They carefully weigh up the prospects of export business against the risks, basing their decisions on up-to-date information. They institutionalize risk management within the company, and raise employee awareness of risk potential.

Guidelines for managing export risks

Our guide provides a detailed insight into how companies with international experience deal with export risks. The following topics are covered in detail in the guide:

  • What types of risk are involved in export business, and what characterizes them?
  • How do companies manage their export risks, and what steps can be found in a typical export risk management process?
  • How can export risk management be institutionalized within a company?

A tool to help you assess export risks

Want to be better at assessing the risks associated with export business? The Excel-based tool xRisk enables you to assess the prospects and risks of your export business, to keep track of your company’s risk exposure and to take risk control measures.

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