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Created on 28.10.2019 | Updated on 01.10.2021

Favourite tools for start-ups

Whether it’s for cooperation, communication or bookkeeping, tools simplify everyday business tasks. But which solutions do start-ups use and why? We asked four different start-ups.

Online tools allow start-ups to work remotely and efficiently. Entrepreneurs who won a free workplace in the Zurich-Schlieren startup space for six months as part of the “startup space” workplace competition tell us about their favourite tools.

Efficient cooperation

Collaboration tools enable teams to work together on projects efficiently and independent of location. The The link will open in a new window TONI Digital start-up, for example, which provides its partners with easy and digital insurance solutions, uses a combination of Confluence and Jira software for its IT development. “Right from the start, we knew we needed an efficient and clear collaboration tool, as location-independent work is important for us,” says Tobias Oetiker, Head of Marketing & Strategy at TONI Digital. When you have multiple developers working on a software project, it is vital to have a tool that makes it easy to prioritize new software functions before assigning them to team members for creation of specifications and then to individual developers for implementation. “We are very pleased with the combined Confluence/Jira solution.” All the information is in one place and can be accessed from anywhere. The status of any project can be viewed at a glance. In addition, anyone can track project progress, as the history shows what was done when and by whom. “That’s very helpful. But it requires every team member to be disciplined about working with it.”

More examples of collaboration tools

  • The virtual pinboard software allows you to:

    • Describe projects, assign tasks and set deadlines using cards
    • Design each card individually with notes, photos, etc.
    • Prioritize by moving cards around on your pinboard based on their importance
  • This solution is part of the Office 365 family and allows you to:

    • Exchange and share data and information
    • Edit projects online in open or closed groups
    • Communicate and keep your team up to date
  • Among other things, this all-rounder provides:

    • Upload of documents and files
    • To-do list and team calendar for task and project management
    • Message board that replaces e-mails and a chat program

Speedy communication

Whether you are communicating with your team via chat or conducting a meeting via video call: communication tools keep your staff connected. The link will open in a new window Yasai is a start-up with multiple locations and a team that often works independently of time and location. The company, which wants to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of modern food supply chains through vertical and local agriculture, uses two tools for communication. “For everything that isn’t project-related – i.e. scheduling internal appointments for team-building events – we use WhatsApp,” says co-founder Mark Zahran. “For projects, we use Microsoft Teams. This solution is perfect for us, because we can use it to communicate and also to store and send data.” Both the functions and the price are particularly attractive for start-ups.

More examples of communication tools

  • This team communication service includes:

    • A chat program that connects all employees, wherever they are working
    • The ability to exchange links and files in private and public chats
    • The option to archive and search messages
  • The perfect solution for employees without a PC workplace includes:

    • Easy connection of employees from all company departments
    • Real-time messaging for efficient cooperation
    • Valuable feedback collection via employee surveys
  • The mobile employee app for small and medium-sized companies provides:

    • News, chats, appointment calendar and employee address book
    • Push notifications for messages that need to be read immediately
    • Integration of social media channels and websites

Easy bookkeeping

For start-ups and large corporations alike, healthy finances are a prerequisite for a successful company. Jeffrey Ibañez of The link will open in a new window Impact Acoustic used Sage right from the start. “Our company is growing very rapidly. This location-independent tool means we can always stay in full control of matters such as our orders, inventory and accounting.” The founder of ChatPod – provider of agile and 100-percent recyclable cabins for phone calls and small meetings – appreciates how the software solution enables him to better plan and monitor his company’s finances. Sage does not run as fast as he would like and there are unfortunately many outages due to maintenance work. Nevertheless, the tool helps him to achieve his daily goals more quickly: “And that gives me the time to concentrate on my core business.”

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