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Develop the smartest banking in Switzerland together with us

At PostFinance, we work on ways of managing Switzerland’s money both now and in the future. We create practical solutions for our customers and help shape the technology trends on the market. We achieve this thanks to our unique culture, which enables us to work with a pioneering spirit every day.

You love flexible working – we do, too

Working from home isn’t just a “nice-to-have” perk for us, but has been standard for a long time. In many units, our employees in Switzerland have the option to work from home. What’s more, we provide modern workspaces at our Bern headquarters, with creative zones and areas for exchanging ideas. We also offer co-working spaces in central locations at Bern station and Zurich Oerlikon station. Balancing work and leisure is very important to us, which is why you can flexibly organize your working hours with us.

You have goals – we’ll take you further

At PostFinance, we offer you a wide range of opportunities to get ahead: whether through the support of in-house basic and advanced training, or external study programmes and conferences, such as:

  • CAS in various fields
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes
  • Participation in conferences such as DevOps-Fusion, Swiss Testing Days, Java User Group (jug), JAX & W-JAX
  • On-the-job training (e.g. code review, communities and internal channels, CoPs on various topics and interdisciplinary/cross-disciplinary workshops)

What will you be working on at PostFinance?

At PostFinance, you will work as a Java developer in a wide range of areas: whether for online banking, our name-matching application or for the automation of business processes. In our agile and interdisciplinary teams, you will work as a developer in the back end using Spring Boot and in the front end using Angular. The micro-services developed are then rolled out via the Kubernetes cloud. To make PostFinance the smartest bank in Switzerland, we rely on modern technologies, as you can see in the tech stack:

PostFinance’s tech stack (a selection)

Java, Python, Swift, HTML5, JavaScript, Go, Spring, Git, Spring Boot, Angular, Jenkins, GitLab, Splunk, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Grafana, postgreSQL, Ansible, Vault, Docker, Artifactory, Kubernetes, Flyway, MongDB, Linux, Oracle, Microsoft Azure, EclipseLink, JSON, Mockito, Node.js, TypeScript, Windows, SAML, Argo CD, Hibernate, Terraform Cloud, Adoptium, REST, SOAP, SQL Server, Spark, Prometheus, Jaeger, Cypress, Red Hat, Cron, OpenTelemetry, Quartz, C++, Camunda, Liquibase, H2, Redis, Selenium, Redux, Citrus, Kibana, ACTICO, Tomcat

First-hand accounts – our employees talk about their job

  • As a full stack developer, I work in a highly professional team in customer order management. We develop BPMN workflow-based applications that automate our customer order processing, improve the customer experience and facilitate the work of PostFinance employees. The technical challenges are multifaceted: use of the Camunda Process Engine with Java backend and Angular frontend, deployed on Spring Boot and in Kubernetes. We are involved in establishing specifications with the specialists and are responsible for everything from development to maintenance in production. What I like is the culture of trust in the team and how the developers help each other to find solutions.

  • As an Architecture Owner, I design and implement complex big data and machine learning architecture to help our customers to quickly and easily keep track of their account transactions. My work also involves identifying potential risks and problems in the architecture and developing solutions to address them. To ensure that the architecture remains scalable and sustainable in the long term, I create roadmaps and select the appropriate technologies. I work closely with our developers to make sure that the architectural guidelines and standards are adhered to. What I particularly appreciate about my job is the independent way of working and the big responsibility I have. I decide where and how I do my work, and that’s also a huge plus for me.

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