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PostFinance becomes the new main partner of ice hockey’s Women’s League

After more than 20 years of involvement in Swiss ice hockey, PostFinance will also become the main and naming rights partner of the “PostFinance Women’s League”, the highest league in Swiss women’s ice hockey, as of the current 2022/23 season.

Ice hockey is part of Switzerland’s sports DNA. Now, it’s time to move forwards in terms of equality. PostFinance’s three-year sponsoring commitment is intended to help create more professional conditions in the top Swiss women’s league and raise the profile of women’s ice hockey. As with its involvement in the men’s National League, PostFinance is particularly keen to promote young talent as part of this new commitment.

In order to bring about greater equality in ice hockey as well to ensure that girls interested in the sport are given better opportunities in the future, the challenges need to be tackled over the long term. The professionalization of the Women’s League requires a higher public profile, better training conditions and good infrastructure. More motivated junior players will, in turn, expand the pool of professional players. This is precisely what the joint goal of Swiss Ice Hockey and PostFinance is.

Hansruedi Köng, CEO of PostFinance, says: “We’re proud of our new commitment to women’s ice hockey. Diversity and equality are firmly embedded in our strategy. We’re actively committed to equal opportunities between men and women and want to back this up with our commitment.”

Patrick Bloch, CEO of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation, adds: “It’s important to us that women’s ice hockey undergoes professionalization so as to increasingly capture the attention it deserves”.