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PostFinance launches a call for its IT challenge

PostFinance is giving IT whizzes a chance to show what they can do – and to do some good. With its IT challenge 2021, the financial institute aims to play a decisive role in shaping Switzerland’s digital transformation and promoting young talent. The winners will decide which charitable causes will benefit from the 10,000 francs.

On 18 February 2021, PostFinance is launching an IT challenge – to transform today’s pioneers into the promoters of tomorrow’s IT specialists. They can use their own know-how to promote young talent. And this is how it works: participants of the IT Challenge 2021 find a solution to a challenging task and have the opportunity to support an organization with 10,000 francs, which in turn will promote young talent through specific projects. More info about the The link will open in a new window IT challenge 2021. These three institutions are available to contribute to the winning entry:

Digital Self-Defense Foundation

Since 2020, the Digital Self-Defense Foundation has been encouraging people to navigate our digitally shaped world in a safe, self-determined and risk-aware manner, as well as to participate in shaping our digital present and future in a diversified and well-thought out manner. Through its current focus project, “be[a]ware”, the organization offers modular, gamified security and privacy awareness events for adults and young people.

Educreators Foundation

The Educreators Foundation, founded in 2017, is an interdisciplinary community with a mission to support profound change in education. Based on research and through participatory design in innovation, it contributes to the development and support of teaching and educational networks in Switzerland and internationally.


Powercoders is a programming school for IT-savvy refugees that gives participants direct access to the primary employment market. Currently, there are over 100,000 refugees in Switzerland. At the same time, more than 100,000 new IT professionals will be needed by 2028. Powercoders combines these two challenges into one solution: a programming school for people from refugee or immigrant backgrounds.

The winners of the IT challenge 2021 can do some good, and they won’t do too badly for themselves either. They will receive a set of VR glasses.

Exciting jobs for pioneers

As a financial institution that aims to play a decisive role in shaping Switzerland’s digital transformation, PostFinance is continuously working with its pioneers on innovations and continuing development. And this goes beyond banking. The company offers an attractive sphere of activity, especially for ICT specialists. Because here, those shaping our future – both young and experienced – have the opportunity to work with new technologies and do pioneering work. It goes without saying that PostFinance attaches great importance to further training: thanks to courses, events and training sessions, as well as internal discussion groups, employees can progress both individually and as a team.