Beware of fake SMS and e-mails (phishing) claiming to come from PostFinance

Cybercriminals are sending fake e-mails and SMS messages that appear to come from PostFinance and contain the following messages:

  • You have to confirm some documentation
  • Security warning: suspicious activity has been detected on your card. Please confirm your identity in order to protect your account and keep your card active
  • We have detected unusual activity on your account. Please verify your identity via the following link

If you receive a fraudulent message:

  • Ignore the e-mail or SMS
  • Never follow links from e-mails, SMS, etc. or from other websites
  • Always enter “” directly in your browser address bar
  • Never disclose sensitive personal data if you are requested to do so by e-mail or SMS
  • Report any incidents to PostFinance. You can reach the PostFinance Contact Center on 0848 888 710 (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland)

PostFinance will never ask you to log in by e-mail or ask you to disclose your security elements or card information.