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Created on 15.04.2020

Leave your comfort zone – it’s worth it

Would you like to make a difference? Then leave your comfort zone and break out of your routines and habits. How can you achieve this? The best way is to take small but consistent steps. Our video provides some surprisingly practical tips.

You know what awaits you at work today and are certain that you can complete your tasks in routine fashion as usual. After all, the processes and subjects are very familiar to you. If this is true for you, then you are in the classic comfort zone, in which you are spared any surprises but also cannot expect to experience anything new, refreshing or exciting. 

Leaving your accustomed path

The danger of being in your comfort zone is that you will get stuck in a routine, which might even prevent change from occurring. Anyone who wants to develop must leave their accustomed habitat from time to time. This will probably provoke fear in you: you will wonder whether you can manage the new undertaking, whether you will fail or experience rejection, and whether the effort of leaving your accustomed path is even worthwhile. 

Use uncertainty to develop something new

Remind yourself what you can achieve if you move out of your comfort zone and into the learning zone:

  • You will have new experiences
  • You will actively contribute to change processes
  • You will discover new strengths in yourself
  • You will overcome limits
  • You will stop orienting yourself only on the status quo
  • You will take a big step forwards

Of course your first steps outside your comfort zone will be full of uncertainty and doubt. Establish clearly what you want to achieve, set goals and imagine what could happen in the best-case and worst-case scenarios if you were to do something differently. It’s worth it. Our video shows what to do in small, practical steps. 

How to break patterns and routines Adopt new (working) methods Meet up with a colleague from another team for lunch. Are you looking for answers? Ask a child. In general: learn from others. Do what you are most afraid of... ... such as speaking without notes in front of other people. Read another newspaper for a change. Use creative methods such as brainstorming. Ignore the opinion of others once in a while. Do something a little bit different each day. What will I get out of it? Try it yourself.
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