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Created on 31.10.2019

Fresh off the press: a few facts about money production

How many notes are actually in circulation in Switzerland and where is our money printed? This video contains exciting facts about money production .

How is our money actually manufactured? How is our money actually manufactured? There were some 471 million notes worth billion francs in circulation in Switzerland in 2018. Around 129 million of these notes were fresh off the press. These banknotes may only be issued by the Confederation's agency, the Swiss National Bank. The Swiss National Bank also determines what the notes must look like and which security features they must have. Incidentally, our notes are made from an innovative, the-layer substrate contraining a mixture of paper and plastic. This is manufactured by the company Landqart and printed by Orell Füssli Sicherheitsdruck AG. The entire manufacturing process for one note costs about 40 centimes. And how long is the notes' lifespan? On average, ten-franc notes have to be replaced after just under four years and 1000-franc notes after around 20 years. It's obvious really - unfortunately we don't withdraw large notes from cash machines so often!
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