Failbook and successbook

For anyone with a vision

Honest, authentic and tongue-in-cheek. The failbook and the successbook are two surprising books about innovation that focus on positive examples of failure and astonishing stories of success – including multiple case studies and expert opinions from the world of innovation. They provide insight, knowledge and inspiration – for anyone with a vision.

What the books provide

Doomed to failure, crowned with success. In the failbook and the successbook, VNTR | Innovation & Venturing by PostFinance provides candid insights into their failures and successes – often with a touch of self-irony and always with careful reflection. The books are enriched with a great deal of innovation expertise, specialist knowledge from Switzerland and abroad and an exceptional series of images and illustrations. 

What the books offer the reader

Information on how to deal with failure in a constructive way, awareness that success sometimes comes unexpectedly and cannot always be planned down to the last detail and passion for engaging with innovation.


Failure as an opportunity for the next big innovation: the failbook offers an informative and inspiring compilation of failures from VNTR’s innovation environment. It demonstrates how failure can trigger conscious learning processes and lead to new insights. 

When innovation goes wrong: failures, errors, business mistakes – and what you can learn from them.

74 failures, 10 key learnings, 1 mission: promoting a positive culture of mistakes in business. The innovation team at a major Swiss corporation reveal the things that others might want to keep secret – with charm, courage and humour, plus an ironic series of images from daily working life. Instead of glossing over mistakes, the book demonstrates how to draw valuable insights from failed projects and then use them to make progress in an innovation environment.


Successful innovations that require much more than just a good idea. The successbook presents inspiring success stories, and examines what makes projects successful and what misconceptions about innovation we tend to take on board. And that’s not all! The successbook also includes contributions from more than 70 innovation experts: they answer questions about success in an innovation environment. And, no doubt, one or two life lessons can be found in their answers too.

When innovation works out: success stories, key factors, innovation myths – and what you can learn from them

9 success stories, 73 viewpoints, 10 key learnings, 1 mission: successful innovation. The successbook takes a look at the innovation processes at a major Swiss corporation. Success factors and innovation myths are examined with the input of experts.

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