Privacy Policy

Data protection notice

PostFinance takes due account of the provisions of Swiss data protection legislation in the gathering and processing of personal data. In all areas of its online product range, PostFinance applies comprehensive technical means and organizational measures as protection against unauthorized access, manipulations and data loss.

Our apps automatically use a secure, encrypted connection to PostFinance. As a result, nobody can intercept or modify the data transmitted. Avoid public hotspots and only use encrypted WLAN connections from operators that you trust.

How we handle data on our website

Accessing public space on our PostFinance App

Generally, the PostFinance App can be accessed without requiring users to identify themselves. For statistical purposes and to optimize our offering, PostFinance may capture and process the technical information that your device and browser automatically provide us with.

  • Date and time of the PostFinance App access
  • Type, version and language settings of the device (Smartphone) and operating system used
  • Display size of the screen used
  • The IP address of the end device or the Internet gateway

When you load our app, the PostFinance server can also send cookies to your device. The cookies are used for technical proposal only (session management).

If you call up links to third-party websites from, you leave the sphere of PostFinance's influence and thus the area of validity of this notice.

Disclosure of personal data in the public sphere

If you voluntarily provide us with personal data, e.g. by entering information in a survey or order form, you give your consent for your data to be collected, stored and processed.  Your data is transmitted in encrypted form and stored at PostFinance where it is inaccessible to third parties. The data collected is limited to essential information and only used and stored in order to process the procedure requested. Your data is not passed on to persons or organizations outside Swiss Post unless you give your express permission.

Use of websites in the non-public area

PostFinance provides its customers with a variety of online services (e.g. e-finance) so that they can manage their finances themselves. For reasons of security and traceability, further data is collected at the time of login and while in the secure area. The use of these services is regulated by a contractual agreement and the relevant subscriber conditions.

Communication by e-mail

If you use one of the e-mail addresses published by us to make contact you expressly authorize us to respond to you by the same means either to the sender address or to an address you indicate. E-mails are transmitted over the Internet in unencrypted form and may be accessible, readable and open to manipulation by others. E-mail is therefore not a suitable means for transmitting confidential information. We do not accept customer orders via e-mail.