Test your knowledge of Internet security

Question 1/10: What Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) does a URL use for a secure connection?
Question 2/10: What kind of WiFi do you use when you’re transmitting data?
Question 3/10: How do you end your e-finance session?
Question 4/10: What password do you use for e-finance?
Question 5/10: How do you know an e-mail comes from PostFinance?
Question 6/10: What do you do if you receive an e-mail from an unknown sender?
Question 7/10: When do you consider an online shop to be trustworthy?
Question 8/10: What do you do if you can’t memorize the PIN provided for your card?
Question 9/10: You’re unable to find your PostFinance Card – what do you do?
Question 10/10: How often do you check your account statements?