All-round security

Protect yourself from threats on the Internet, and find out what PostFinance is doing to ensure your security.

  • Damage cover

    PostFinance covers damage caused by Trojans or computer viruses up to a value of CHF 100,000. Important: report the damage to us immediately and note the conditions of liability.

    Depositor protection

    In Switzerland, depositor protection kicks in if a bank goes bankrupt. Up to CHF 100,000 is protected per customer or joint account.

    Data protection

    When capturing and processing personal data, PostFinance complies with the provisions of Swiss data protection provisions and implements measures to protect against unauthorized access, manipulation, and loss of data in all areas of its online offering.

  • The independent platform run by Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts helps you to better understand your personal information security, including with its courses.

  • The National Cybersecurity Centre (NCSC) is the Confederation's competence centre for cybersecurity. It receives reports on cyber incidents from individuals and businesses, analyses them and provides those submitting them with an assessment of the incident and recommendations for further action.
    The NCSC also publishes information on current cyber threats.

  • The cybercrime website of the Zurich Cantonal Police highlights the various types of fraud and the latest alerts.

  • The Browsercheck verifies your computer for outdated software.