Account statement, tax statement and interest statement

Do you need bank statements for a particular period? Or are you missing specific documents for your tax return? You can download these directly in e-finance or the PostFinance App.

Download documents yourself in e-finance

Below you will find a guide on how to download these in e-finance or in the PostFinance App.

Download bank statements

Are you looking for a bank statement from 2018 onwards? Download your account documents directly in e-finance.

Download tax documents

Are you completing your tax return and need last year’s account documents? Download your documents directly in e-finance.

  • Find out here when the tax documents will be available.

    Private and savings accounts
    Business and association accounts
    3 January 2024
    Customers without e-finance will receive the tax documents by post by 15 January.
    Tax certificate and account statement for 3a retirement savings accounts.
    15 January 2024
    Tax statements for investment products
    E-asset management and investment consulting
    20 February 2024
    Tax documents for the products fund self-service and fund consulting basic

    Find information on how to fill out the tax return independently in the document “The link will open in a new window Assistance with tax values” (link opens in new window). The tax information is updated every January.

    If a tax statement has been ordered (for a fee), this will be available to download from 20 February under “Documents”.

    Tax certificates for mortgages
    16 January 2024
    Customers without e-finance receive their tax certificates by post.

    Useful information

    Currently, PostFinance does not issue any e-tax statements.

    With electronic tax statements (e-tax statements), the content of the tax statement is displayed in a standardized digital format. This makes it possible to upload the e-tax statement in the cantonal tax declaration solution.

    The electronic tax statement contains the same information as the physical tax statement.

  • Would you like to receive your account statements, interest statements and tax documents in digital format?

    Your documents in e-finance

    To find tax documents with ease in e-finance, you should select “Documents” in the navigation bar and then the “Documents” tab. Choose the “Taxes” category. Under “Date”, set the “Time period” option to a range between the current date and at least one year in the past.

    Are you an e-finance customer and already logged in? You can find all your available documents in the main menu under “Documents”. Using the search options, you can find the documents you want quickly and efficiently.

    Do your need your tax documents? Below you will find a guide on the quickest way to find these.

    • Interest statements: Select the “Taxes” category to view your interest statements
    • Retirement savings account 3a tax certificate: Also under the “Taxes” category, you will find the tax certificate for your retirement savings account 3a, provided you’ve paid into it in the year in question
    • Fund custody account statement: Select the “Investments” category to view your fund custody account statement

    Your account documents in the PostFinance App

    Would you like to download or print your account documents in the PostFinance App? Log in to the app and click on the “More” button in the bottom right. Under Services, you will find your “Documents”. To print or sent the document from your smartphone, open the document, and then select the icon displayed in the top right.

    Do your need your tax documents? Then filter your search using the “magnifying glass” in the top right by selecting “Taxes” and confirming by clicking on “Search”.

  • Order e-trading tax certificates

    The detailed e-trading tax statement makes it easier to transfer securities information to your tax return. You can order the certificate directly in e-finance if required. Orders cost CHF 97.30.

    Fund self-service and fund consulting basic tax documents

    Transfer the tax value and gross value of your funds to your tax return conveniently with these instructions.

    Alternatively, you can order tax certificates for fund self-service and fund consulting basic via the hotline, for a fee. Orders cost CHF 97.30.

    Find out more about tax on shares in our blog article “Paying tax on shares in Switzerland”.

  • Reorder bank statements

    Order your bank statement for a time period of your choice up to 10 years in the past. Orders in e-finance are free of charge. Delivery by post is subject to a fee.

    Reorder interest statements

    You can reorder interest statements for up to ten years. Electronic orders in e-finance are free of charge. Reorders on paper are subject to a charge.

Customers without e-finance

Contact us to order the desired document over the phone.