Questions about Checkout Flex and Checkout All‑in‑one

Here you will find answers to questions about upgrades, transactions, plug-ins and more.

General Questions

  • The product Checkout All-in-one is based on a collecting offer. This means that all payment methods (PostFinance, Visa, Mastercard and TWINT) are handled in one contract. For the product Checkout Flex, separate contracts must be concluded with the respective acceptance partners. Consequently, a termination of the Checkout All-in-one product is required and a new registration for the product Checkout Flex is required.

    If you want to use the product Checkout Flex in the future, perform the following steps:

    1. Log in to the The link will open in a new window Checkout back office and
    2. Select the “+” symbol. On desktops: located at the bottom left of the screen. On mobile devices: you will find the “+” symbol in the menu.
    3. Select “Account”
    4. Enter the relevant name (e.g. company name)
    5. Select “Save account”
    6. Follow the set-up assistant and open the product Checkout Flex

    To activate Checkout Flex, you will incur a one-off activation fee of CHF 249.00 excl. VAT. The monthly costs of using the product amount to CHF 19.90 excl. VAT.

    Please note that your contract for the payment methods that come with Checkout All-in-One is not transferred to the new product. To use Checkout Flex, you will need to conclude additional contracts with the acceptance partners for all desired payment methods once you have registered.

    Finally, you can cancel the product Checkout All-in-one (see question “How can I cancel Checkout All-in-one and Flex?”).

  • You can cancel your subscriptions at any time in the Checkout back office. When logged in, select Account > Subscription > Cancel subscription.

    The checkout contract will be cancelled on your next billing run (max. 30 days).

  • Error 403 refers to a user having insufficient authorizations. As an admin user, you can grant other employees access to your account by creating users and assigning them roles and authorizations.

    If you do not assign these users any roles or authorizations, you will not be able to access your account, and will instead see an error page “Access denied – Error code: 403”.

    Be sure to always assign the appropriate reading rights to accounts and spaces. In other words, users must have read-only rights at least to accounts and spaces.

    The link will open in a new window Documentation Permission concept at

  • PostFinance (PostFinance Card, PostFinance e-finance)
    E-mail:, Tel.: 0848 382 423 (in Switzerland max. CHF 0.08/min.)

    Worldline SIX (Visa, Mastercard, TWINT, China Union Pay, Diners)
    E-Mail:, Tel.: 0848 83 20 00
    Point of sale (POS)
    E-Mail:, Tel.: 0848 83 20 00

    Concardis (Visa, Mastercard, Diners)
    E-mail:, Tel.: 058 220 58 58

    Swisscard (American Express)
    E-mail:, Tel.: 044 659 64 44

    PowerPay (MF Group, payments on account)
    E-mail:, Tel.: 058 806 06 31

    E-mail:, Tel.: 058 667 98 44

    Contact details at The link will open in a new window

  • Checkout Flex is continuously being improved and developed. New payment methods are added to the Checkout Flex product site all the time.
  • Your account ID represents the company. Your space ID represents the online shop/shop URL.
  • You can create an unlimited number of spaces in the account.

    • Two spaces are included in the subscription price of CHF 19.90 excl. VAT
    • For each additional space, you are charged an extra CHF 6.90 excl. VAT

    Remember you will have to arrange new acceptance contracts for the payment methods you want for each space.

  • Check which payment method was used to pay for the order. Next, speak to the acceptance partner responsible (see question above “Which acceptance partners and payment methods are supported?”).
  • Once you have signed the contract, it takes one to two working days for the subscription to go live. To do this, go to Account > Subscription > Complete registration.

    The time it takes to activate different payment methods depends on the acceptance partner in question.

  • No. As an alternative to registering a PostFinance business account, you can also register a Swiss credit card for charging fees. Payment is made to the Swiss bank account of your choice.
  • The activation fees and the monthly fees are charged to the PostFinance business account or the credit card each time.


  • You can find a current overview and documentation at The link will open in a new window
  • PostFinance is always reviewing the current market situation, and continues to expand the number of plug-ins it provides.
  • Firstly, please get in touch with the supplier for your shop software. It may be the case that an API connection has already been set up.

    Alternatively, PostFinance Checkout can be integrated via REST API web services. You can find detailed information at: The link will open in a new window

    For more helpful information and tips on the topic, please visit The link will open in a new window


  • You can find detailed information here: The link will open in a new window
  • Yes, under “Features”, you can activate the “Token” option.

    You can find more detailed information on implementation at: The link will open in a new window

  • Lightbox

    The user enters the payment details in an overlay. The form appears as an overlay on the retailer’s website.

    The link will open in a new window Information on Lightbox



    The user enters the payment details in an iFrame hosted by us. The iFrame itself can be embedded in the retailer’s website.

    The link will open in a new window Information on iFrame

  • Yes, you can personalize the payment screen according to your preferences. Select Space > Resources. In the editor, you can also customize the payment screen with a TWIG template.


    1. Order terminal
    2. Select product and activate a subscription
    3. Configure terminal in space on the dashboard, including selecting the preferred payment methods
    4. As soon as at least one acceptance partner has the status “active”, an activation code will be displayed in your Checkout account.
    5. Enter the activation code in your terminal
    6. Terminal is ready for use
  • Start terminal configuration in your space.

    The following note will then be displayed in the dashboard: There are payment processors for which you need to sign a contract.

    Click “Submit your contracts” here and click on the magnifying glass under the processor indicated.

    • PostFinance (PostFinance Card)
    • Worldline (Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Vpay, TWINT, China Union Pay)
    • Swisscard (American Express)
    • Concardis (Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Vpay)
  • Our payment method PostFinance Card is usually activated within 10 working days. The activation of the other payment methods depends on the respective acceptance partner.

  • To enable the terminals to be activated, an active subscription to PostFinance Checkout Flex or PostFinance POS Payment Flex is a prerequisite. In addition, a PostFinance business account or a credit card is required for the monthly subscription fees.

  • In your space, the terminals can be configured under “Configurations”. Various adjustments can be made in these settings, such as the transaction configurations, receipt printing, receipt header or tip.