Terminal supplier

ep2-compliant payment terminals enable you to benefit from an expanded range of on-site payment options.

Are you a terminal supplier who would like to have your terminals certified according to the ep2 protocol so that you can directly accept the most popular cards on the Swiss market? Information on certifying your payment terminals is available directly from ep2.

Logos for download

Are your terminals already ep2-certified? You are welcome to put our logo on the terminal or on your website.

Please contact us if you need additional data formats. 

Availability of PostFinance test platform for partners

Find out about the current availability of our test platform. Please note the availability information under “E-commerce − EFT/POS”.

Terminal manufacturer maintenance and disruption messages

We will provide you with regular information about our maintenance work and disruption messages.

Support request

Do you have any other questions about accepting the PostFinance Card at your terminal? Get in contact with us.