Now you can play it safe with digital banking

Security is a top priority for PostFinance. If something were to happen, PostFinance will assume responsibility for any damage. But it’s also important that the customer also takes steps to guarantee a secure digital banking experience.

Damage cover

Incorrect data entry may lead to damage. If a Trojan or computer virus manages to get through and cause damage, PostFinance will provide cover for up to CHF 100,000. However, you need to report the damage to us without delay and observe the liability conditions.

The highest security standards

From browser checks and security software, to encryption and card security: we do everything possible to ensure you can use e-finance and the Internet securely from home or on the go.

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PostFinance App

Secure banking, wherever and whenever you want.

10 tips for proper conduct online

Fraudsters use the Internet for their criminal acts. This means you need to be attentive when online. You should also follow our tips for more security when surfing the web. They will protect you from becoming a target of online fraudsters.

Security standards for those who want a secure experience

Our security standards are aimed at those who want to use e-finance and the Internet securely, whether at home or on the go.