PSP collecting

E-payment: Payment Facilitator model

Our Payment Facilitator model enables you as a payment service provider (PSP) to offer your merchants our PostFinance payment methods and provide them with an all-in-one service. You and your merchants benefit from our PostFinance Card and E-Finance payment methods, which are used by 2.7 million PostFinance Card holders, providing a secure and reliable option for e-commerce without the risk of customers becoming overdrawn.

PSP collecting: well established and secure

  • Over 2.7 million PostFinance Card holders as potential customers

  • Payment guarantee (no credit risk), direct debit from the purchaser’s private account

  • No risk to customers of going overdrawn

  • Quick credit – one day after posting at the latest

  • Accumulation of transactions for a more favourable transaction rate

  • PostFinance Card

    • Reaches over 2.7 million PostFinance Card holders
    • PostFinance Card Alias option for simple and recurring transactions
    • Guaranteed payment within three days of posting
    • Credit within one day of posting at the latest

    Shoppers must have a PostFinance private account with PostFinance Card and (if they have access to e-finance) optionally already be registered for login via the PostFinance App. From purchase amounts of CHF 500 or EUR 350, the card reader is required in addition to the PostFinance Card, if registration for the login via app has not yet been completed. There is a monthly limit of CHF 1,500 or EUR 1,300 for the PostFinance Card Alias option.

    PostFinance E-Finance

    • More than 1.6 million e-finance subscribers
    • Guaranteed payment within 90 days of posting
    • Credit within one day of posting at the latest

    Shoppers must have a PostFinance private account with e-finance and optionally registration for login via app or alternatively a PostFinance Card with card reader or Mobile ID (certificate on SIM card).

  • You are a payment service provider (PSP) with PCI level 1 and have integrated the interface to PostFinance for the payment methods PostFinance Card and PostFinance E-Finance. It is important to note that your merchants must have a recurring and verifiable business relationship with Switzerland (regular Swiss customers, web presence or the products/services in the shop are explicitly aimed at a Swiss clientele).

  • Transactions
    or fixed price per transaction
    Up to 99 trx./month
    CHF 6.00
    From 100 trx./month
    CHF 5.50
    From 500 trx./month
    CHF 5.00
    From 1,000 trx./month
    CHF 4.50
    From 2,000 trx./month
    CHF 4.00
    From 3,000 trx./month
    CHF 3.50
    From 4,000 trx./month
    CHF 3.00
    From 5,000 trx./month
    CHF 2.50
    From 6,000 trx./month
    CHF 2.40
    From 7,000 trx./month
    CHF 2.30
    From 8,000 trx./month
    CHF 2.20
    From 9,000 trx./month
    CHF 2.10
    • From 10,000 transactions per month price upon request
    • Transactions for the payment methods PostFinance Card and PostFinance E-Finance are cumulated