E-Payment Module Checkout All-in-One

The complete e-payment solution for your online shop

Checkout All-in-One: This E-Payment Module provides you with the most common payment methods in Switzerland in a payment-service-providing solution. We handle contracts with the acceptance partners for you. This payment system is particularly attractive for small and medium-sized online shops.

E-Payment Module All-in-One: the simple solution for small online shops

  • Reach all consumers in Switzerland with just one solution

  • All-in-One: one back office, one statement, one credit amount

  • No additional negotiations with other acceptance partners

  • Set-up for productive online payments within five working days

  • No minimum term – can be cancelled monthly

Online payment solution for your online shop – trial it now

With the E-Payment Module, we provide you with a wide selection of payment methods for your online shop in the back office of Checkout All-in-One with an additional contract. The overview of all transactions keeps you up to date at all times. Find out for yourself by trialling our payment-service-provider solution free of charge in the simulation mode. You can extend the simulation mode after the 30-day trial period.

  • Online shop provisions

    The following requirements must be met in order to activate our payment system for your online shop:

    • you must have a PostFinance business account or a credit card for the fees to be invoiced.
    • Online payments and billing are in Swiss francs.
    • The online shop’s URL must be active and accessible to PostFinance. If the URL is not yet available publicly, then please provide us with the access data. This can be encrypted in the Checkout back office tool.
    • The company name and address must be clearly visible on your website (e.g. in the publication details, contact details, “about us” section, etc.). Sole proprietorships must also indicate the name of the owner.
    • General Terms and Conditions (GTC): the GTCs must include the company address, the right of withdrawal and the place of jurisdiction.
    • Your customers must accept the GTCs by ticking a box (click to accept) before paying for an order or donation.

    Sectors excluded from Checkout

    Online providers of gambling, betting, auctions, air transport services, money transfer, telecommunications services, tobacco, e-cigarettes, liquids, CBD, pharmaceutical products, firearms/imitation firearms, adult services and the loading of other payment methods are excluded.

  • Accounting – one statement containing all purchases and credits

    The sales reports (reconciliations) from the various payment methods are displayed in consolidated form and in the overview in the Checkout back office tool. Invoicing contains a detailed breakdown of the individual orders. You can obtain your transaction data via REST API or export it directly in CSV format and then import it into your accounting software.

    An amount is credited to your account each week for the revenue generated via PostFinance Checkout All-in-One in your online shop.

    Process your first payments within five days

    Just relax: we’ll take care of coordination with your acceptance partner. The activation process is easy to start online. Provided you have submitted your documents in full, you’ll receive confirmation from us within five working days that all payment methods have been activated and are ready for live payments – then you can get started right away!

    Personalizing e-mails and documents

    In the Checkout back office tool, you can personalize e-mails sent to the buyers (such as payment status) or documents (such as payment confirmations or credits).

    Fraud management

    We support you with protection against fraudulent activities online. The following measures ensure invalid payment methods are excluded and rejected before the transaction is processed.

    • You can use various filter options (card category, card type etc.) to exclude certain payment methods
    • You can set up fraud screening for the card issuer, the BIN, the country, the address and the IP address
    • You can block cards and payments from certain countries

    Always at your side: self-service support

    Answers to FAQs about all payment methods, the use of the Checkout back office tool and the installation of plug-ins and connected services can be found in the Checkout support area on our website. Technical support is also available.

    Personal support (free of charge)

    Our personal technical support is available during our opening hours (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

    Contact options:

    • Telephone
    • E-mail: response time of up to two working days 

    Personal Support Plus (fee-based: CHF 69.90/month)

    With Support Plus and an active Checkout subscription, we provide support for day-to-day issues beyond our free basic support.

    The following value-added services are included:

    • Telephone: priority handling with a separate phone number
    • E-mail: response time of max. six hours 

    For queries about the development of your payment solution:

    • Two hours of video sessions within 12 months
    • You can arrange a timeslot for the video session to meet your needs (business hours and availability) in advance
    • Outside opening hours on request
  • The All-in-One E-Payment Module automatically covers the following payment methods. You don’t need to take out any additional contracts and can get started right away.

    • E-payment AiO
    • PostFinance Card
    • PostFinance E-Finance
    • TWINT
    • Visa
    • Mastercard®
    • Apple Pay

    Please note: are you thinking about integrating additional acceptance partners, payment methods and features? To integrate purchase on account or PayPal online, for example, we recommend our Checkout Flex E-Payment Module.

  • PostFinance plug-ins

    We offer plug-ins for the shop systems commonly used in Swiss e-commerce. A plug-in is a software component that you can download in the back office tool. After successful installation, the software component can be easily connected to your shop system.

    Supported plug-ins from third-party providers

    If you cannot find your shop system above, connection of our e-payment solution may be possible via one of the following plug-ins. The plug-ins are not found in our back office tool, but directly in your shop system.

    Connected services − connecting Checkout to SaaS shop systems

    If you use a shop system as an SaaS (software as a service) solution, you can connect our payment system directly using the integrated connected services. Contact your SaaS provider directly about connection to the shop system.

  • All fees indicated in the following tables exclude VAT.

    One-off fees

    Individual componentsFees
    Individual components
    Set-up fee
    CHF 199
    Individual components
    Free of charge

    Monthly fees for the Checkout All-in-One Payment Module

    Individual componentsFees
    Individual components
    E-Payment Module Checkout All-in-One 
    CHF 14.90/month
    Individual components
    Two spaces/online shops 
    Individual components
    Optional: Support Plus 
    CHF 69.90/month

    Transaction fees for the Checkout All-in-One E-Payment Module

    Individual componentsFees
    Individual components
    Per transaction in the online shop
    2.5%, min. CHF 0.20
    Individual components
    Optional: per entry in the accounting feature 
    CHF 0.02/entry
    Individual components
    Chargeback fee 
    CHF 35/case

    Please note: if you process over 50 transactions per month via your online shop, we recommend looking at our E-Payment Module Checkout Flex solution.

    • No. You must cancel the Checkout All-in-One module first. However, when switching we recommend configuring everything in the Checkout Flex E-Payment Module before cancelling the E-Payment Module Checkout All-in-One. This will ensure you avoid interruptions when switching online payment systems.

    • PostFinance concludes the contract with the acceptance partners in the Checkout All-in-One E-Payment Module. You conclude separate contracts with the relevant acceptance partners for the Checkout Flex E-Payment Module.

    • Two spaces in your Checkout All-in-One E-Payment Module are included in the subscription price. Additional spaces cannot be opened with this module.

    • With Support Plus and an active Checkout subscription, we provide support for day-to-day issues beyond our basic support. The solution contains the following value-added services:

      • Team of specialists reachable via e-mail and phone
      • Response time after receipt of request of a maximum of six hours during our opening times (Mon.–Fri. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) for matters concerning the development of your payment solution
      • Two hours of video sessions within 12 months
      • You can agree the time slot in advance based on your needs (business hours and availability)
      • Outside of opening hours on request

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