Electronic signature

Legally valid electronic signature of contracts

Conveniently and easily sign contracts electronically without media disruption: thanks to the integration of Bankident PostFinance in the signature process from SwissSign and Swisscom Trust Services, your customers can register in just a few clicks and approve a signature with the PostFinance App.

Electronic signature: Sign contracts without media disruption

  • Increase efficiency by accelerating your business processes

  • Save paper

  • Highest standard for data security and data protection

  • Registration and signature approval entirely online

  • Convenient registration for your customers

  • Electronic signature explained in brief

    The electronic signature is a legally recognized option for signing documents online. The important thing is to ensure each time that the person signing is the same as the real person. The legal directive (Federal Act on Electronic Signatures) provides for registration with a unique identification of the person using the service. Alongside entering the data, registration requires an identity check, where the presented identification documents have to be verified. This previously required the relevant person to go to the counter themselves or for the check to take place via video. From the customer’s perspective, this is time-consuming and leads to high cancellation rates in the online process.

    The graphic illustrates the Bankident PostFinance signature process. Step 1: The customer starts the desired online process in the online shop or web portal of the partner company. Step 2: The customer wishes to sign electronically and selects Bankident PostFinance for identification with the signature provider. Step 3: The customer transfers the data to the signature provider, who creates the electronic signature key. Step 4: The customer can now sign electronically (signature approval via the PostFinance App).

    Complete digital processing via partners

    Thanks to collaboration with the signature providers SwissSign and Swisscom Trust Services, registration can be completed via Bankident PostFinance. This leads to a significantly more convenient and completely digital process: at the time of registration, customers must only approve the transfer of the legally prescribed identification data to the signature provider in the PostFinance App. No data needs to be entered and no identification documents need to be scanned and/or uploaded. Checking the identification documents at the counter or via video is also unnecessary. Subsequently, both confirmation of the signature provider’s terms of use and approval of the electronic signature can be carried out conveniently and securely within the PostFinance App.

    The integration of Bankident PostFinance at the signature providers makes online processes easier and more convenient for your customers. At the same time, it considerably reduces cancellation rates in your online customer processes.

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