Bankident PostFinance

Quick and reliable identification

Conclude contracts simply and securely online: with Bankident PostFinance, your customers can identify themselves using their e-finance access information. Bankident PostFinance minimizes your administrative workload, reduces your contract costs and increases your customers’ satisfaction.

Bankident PostFinance: efficient and reliable identification

  • Easy integration into your online process

  • Possible to conclude contracts with no media disruption

  • Highest standards for security and data protection

  • Bankident PostFinance explained in brief

    You integrate our solution into your chosen business process (e. g. conclusion of contracts). When it’s time for the identification process, customers switch to their e-finance, accept the transfer of their data and are then returned to your business process straight away. The entire identification process via PostFinance takes approx. 30 seconds. There is no longer any need for video identification.

    Bankident PostFinance is suitable for all contract conclusion processes that require the personal identification of the customer (e. g. for mobile providers, insurers, providers of consumer credit, mortgage providers, investment advisors and other financial intermediaries subject to the AMLA).

    This graphic shows the identification process for Bankident PostFinance. 1st step: Customers start the desired online process in the partner company’s online shop or web portal. 2nd step: Customer selects the “Bankident PostFinance” identification step and is directed to the e-finance login page. 3rd step: Customer verifies their identity using their e-finance access information. 4th step: Customer allows PostFinance to transfer data to the partner company for the identification.

    Technical integration

    The authentication and the release and transfer of customer data is based on the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol. OpenID Connect is the established standard for secure authentication. It is also used for the SwissPass login and well-known social logins, such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft. The process can be integrated easily and seamlessly into the existing customer journeys of your current web and mobile applications.

  • Each implementation is unique. Get in touch with us without obligation.