Startup package requirements and conditions

General requirements and conditions for the startup package

  • The company was founded within the past two years. PostFinance is entitled to request confirmation (commercial register extract or relevant proof of self-employment).
  • The startup package is exclusively available to companies domiciled in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.
  • The validity of the startup package is limited to two years from the order date. Claims for special conditions asserted at a later date in respect will not be considered.
  • The General Terms and Conditions and Subscriber Conditions of PostFinance apply.

Startup package

  • Account management for a business account in CHF or EUR (with e-finance) is free of charge for the first two years.
  • For current business customers, the fees will be suspended for a period of two years starting from the month after the order is placed.

Other offers for founders

Both special offers for founders, “e-payment (payment service provider)” and “PostFinance Checkout”, can be requested only if these services have not already been purchased in advance.