Company founding: types of founder

What kind of founder are you?

Are you more of an innovative inventor, an enthusiastic seller, a systematic implementer or a controlled calculator? The ideal entrepreneur’s profile incorporates aspects of these four types. It is important that you assess yourself correctly as a founder and acquire any missing skills through third parties inside or outside the company.

The innovative inventor

  • Looks for opportunities to explore ideas
  • Likes people who are enthusiastic
  • Loves conceptual thinking
  • Is happy to look to the future in order to find new solutions to problems
  • Needs personal recognition and gratitude
  • Feels at ease with people who accept his often unstructured manner

The enthusiastic seller

  • Looks for opportunities to explore ideas
  • Enjoys opportunities to interact with people
  • Loves discussions focussing on possibilities, opportunities and the future
  • Needs people who are enthusiastic
  • Can be very flexible
  • Feels at ease when he can develop the big picture

The systematic implementer

  • Looks for defined structures and clear processes
  • Likes it when changes can be announced in good time – preferably in writing
  • Has a clear approach to thinking, speaking and acting
  • Likes people who take a pragmatic approach to tasks
  • Like setting deadlines and wants to see results
  • Enjoys working with checklists

The controlled calculator

  • Looks for written communication, memos and formal agendas
  • Loves breaking projects down into sub-steps and tasks
  • Needs time and the opportunity to reconsider a topic and only then to express his considered opinion
  • Feels at ease with people who pay attention to detail

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