Information technology dual study programme (PiBS)

Theory and practice perfectly combined

The dual study programme allows you to enter the world of IT at PostFinance directly after high school (Gymnasium) – without forgoing university. This form of training gives you the opportunity to combine theory and practice.

Practical work and undergraduate studies combined

In the dual study programme (Bachelor’s degree with integrated practical training, known as PiBS), you earn your degree at the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences while also working at PostFinance. How does it work? You study at the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences in Berne two or three days a week. The rest of the week, you work and learn with us. Over the course of the four-year training period, you also have the opportunity to complete work placements at Swiss Post.


The PiBS information technology dual study programme at the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences and PostFinance is just the thing for you if you:

  • Have already passed your Swiss school-leaving certificate (Matura)
  • Enjoy logic and engineering and have an interest in new technologies and rapid developments
  • Enjoy working as part of a team
  • Are communicative, creative, honest and responsible

Curious? You can find all information about the PiBS information technology dual study programme on the Swiss Post website.

First-hand accounts – our PiBS students talk about their job

  • “In actual fact, the plan for me originally was the traditional path: finish high school, then go on to start a degree at a university. But for me, the practical aspect would have been lacking. So Swiss Post’s Bachelor’s degree with integrated practical training was just the right thing for me. I’m doing my PiBS placement at PostFinance. Here I can apply what I’ve learned directly in customer projects – and with the latest technologies. This helps me to flesh out the theory from my studies and prepare myself better for my exams. One thing I really appreciate: at PostFinance, my studies are taken into account. I can reduce my workload during my exams and make up for it with a little more work at another time.”

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