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Valuu triples mortgage volume

Valuu, the independent Swiss platform for comparing and taking out mortgages, is celebrating its second birthday. Compared with its first year, Valuu has tripled the volume of mortgages brokered. It currently boasts around 12,000 users and works together with 29 lenders. This shows that the concept of a digital comparison and conclusion platform for mortgages works, and strikes a chord with customers. Valuu wants to use this momentum to expand its range of services.

For two years, Valuu has been providing users with easy, fast access to a suitable mortgage from various providers, regardless of time or location – whether it’s a new contract or a replacement. And this is just the beginning: over the medium term, Valuu wants to become the leading Swiss comparison and conclusion platform, and is expanding its range to include further services this year.

Pleasing growth with strong partners

Since its launch in January 2019, Valuu has already financed hundreds of millions of francs worth of mortgages. At first it was only available as a mobile app in German, but the web version and French translation followed a few months later. Today, Valuu has around 12,000 users and works with 29 lenders who represent over 100 leading Swiss banks, insurance companies and pension funds. Head of Valuu, Thomas Jakob, is pleased with the strong growth: “We wanted to prove that we could perform well in this very competitive market. By tripling volume and doubling the number of users, we have done even better. More and more people understand the opportunities the transparent comparison and digital conclusion of a mortgage offer, as well as how much money they can save in the process.”

Systematic customer orientation

Systematic customer orientation is behind Valuu’s success: “We react very quickly to feedback from customers and are continuously developing the platform and what we offer,” says Jakob. For example, Valuu is currently assessing whether it can offer advice in other ways alongside the existing telephone consultations. “The vast majority of users can complete the digital process on their own without any problems. However, if someone would like a more in-depth consultation, because it is their first mortgage for example, they should be able to have one,” explains the head of Valuu.