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Valuu extends its services to brokers

In addition to private customers, mortgage brokers can now also use Valuu to find and take out the most attractive mortgages for their customers quickly and easily.

Valuu Pro for sales partners

The service called “Valuu Pro” is aimed at companies in the finance and insurance sector, such as brokers, financial consultants and specialized mortgage advisors. They can register as sales partners of Valuu and enjoy all the benefits of the digital platform for their customers via Valuu Pro – enabling them to search for, compare and take out mortgages quickly and easily. They receive attractive commissions for successful brokered transactions.

Highly efficient brokerage and advisory tool

“The launch of Valuu Pro provides brokers and advisors with a highly efficient tool for supporting their customers,” explains Thomas Jakob, Chief Business Unit Officer Platform Business. The pool of mortgage solutions and the processes are the same as for private individuals. In contrast to the “normal” Valuu, Valuu Pro will be used exclusively by the professional advisors of the sales partners concerned. They enter all the details required for their customers, go through the process with them and take out the mortgage. “Valuu remains in the background and deals with tasks, such as application checks and lender management. This allows our sales partners to focus fully on advice and customer contact,” says Thomas Jakob.

First partners already on board

The first sales partners are already on board. Any companies interested can make a non-binding enquiry on the The link will open in a new window sales partner page of valuu.ch.