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Valuu celebrates first anniversary

A year ago, PostFinance launched Valuu – the first fully digital platform for the brokerage, comparison and conclusion of mortgages. Much progress has been made since then: Valuu has 6,000 registered users, is listing 17 mortgage lenders, is available as an app and in a desktop version, is available in French as well as German, and has brokered over CHF 100 million in financing solutions. A new user interface offering an even better experience is also set to be launched.

Valuu from PostFinance provides users with easy, quick access to suitable mortgages from various providers, regardless of time and location – whether for a new purchase or replacement. It has never been easier to get a good-value mortgage. “Over CHF 100 million of finance has been provided via Valuu in the first year,” says Thomas Jakob, CEO of Valuu. Another pleasing development for Valuu is the fact that the platform now has 17 mortgage lenders in its portfolio and 6,000 registered users – with more being added all the time.

The platform is targeting further growth this year. The goal is clear: Valuu aims to become Switzerland’s leading online mortgage brokerage platform over the medium-term. “That’s an ambitious goal for a new market entrant, but also a tremendous incentive,” states Thomas Jakob. Valuu also plans to offer the brokerage of other products and services over the long-term.

Continual optimization is one of Valuu’s guiding principles. In spring 2020, Valuu is launching a new user interface that will provide an even better experience thanks to optimized user navigation and new functions. 

Saving time and money with Valuu

Above all, Valuu allows users to save time and money. Up to and including conclusion of contract, borrowers can carry out all steps independently and conveniently in the app or on their PC without a consultation: in a first step, they enter details about their income and financial situation as well as the property for which they wish to take out or replace a mortgage. Based on this information, Valuu lists offers from lenders, such as banks, pension funds and insurance companies. Valuu is the only brokerage platform to completely discard shop window prices, and the preparation of the offer is free for all customers. The conditions are binding from the outset and Valuu guarantees that borrowers obtain the best-possible rates of interest. This means no further negotiation is required.

Valuu is the first platform to enable the entire financing process end-to-end, including the option of taking out mortgages online. At every step, users have the option of calling the Valuu competence center for technical assistance or technical information. Here they receive personal support and advice. Advisors also handle queries about special real estate, such as investment properties, and deal with them individually.