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Tech film cools hot PostFinance Tower in summer

PostFinance is saving energy at its headquarters in Bern: because the glass façade heats up the building considerably in summer, PostFinance will test a new cooling technology. This will involve wrapping the PostFinance Tower with a specially coated film during the summer months.

It is an annual phenomenon at the PostFinance headquarters in Bern: the glass façade of the striking PostFinance Tower along Bern’s Ostring warms up the building’s interior considerably during the warm season. As a result, the air conditioning runs at full blast in summer. In line with Swiss Post Group’s ambitious climate and energy targets, PostFinance has actively sought solutions to reduce energy wastage in its own buildings. In collaboration with glaciologists and textile specialists, PostFinance has commissioned a covering made of cooling film. The technology is similar to that used to protect glaciers in the Alps. The PostFinance Tower will be wrapped up in the coming weeks.

Innovative cooling for buildings

This innovative development makes the PostFinance Tower the first building in Switzerland to be wrapped. The ultra-fine, see-through and translucent film prevents the glass building façades from heating up thanks to cooling nanoparticles in the textile. This means that the air conditioning can be reset to minimum output and will mainly be used to ventilate the premises. “We are proud to be able to play a pioneering role and to be the first company in Switzerland to test the film on the PostFinance Tower,” explains PostFinance CEO Hansruedi Köng. Thanks to the translucency of the film, PostFinance can also keep the lights off in the premises during the day. This innovative building cooling system enables PostFinance to contribute to the Swiss Confederation’s energy saving targets.