Equal pay at PostFinance

Ron Schneider, Head of Human Resources at PostFinance, comments on equal pay at PostFinance.

At PostFinance, we attach great importance to fair salaries

At PostFinance, we attach great importance to fair salaries. To this end, we regularly review equal pay and other aspects. The current equal pay analysis, based on salary data from October 2020, shows that unexplained salary gaps between men and women at PostFinance are small. In 2020, the unexplained salary gap was 2.3% at the expense of women. Compared to 2019, when the analysis still showed an inexplicable salary gap of 3.8% at the expense of women, we have taken a big step in the right direction, and have been able to close the gap even further through targeted measures. Nevertheless, every salary percentage that cannot be explained is one too many.

Explainable and unexplainable salary differences

When it comes to salary differences, a distinction is made between explainable and unexplainable differences. By way of example, salary differences based on position, education or training, number of years’ work experience and age can be explained. If these factors have been taken into account in the equal pay analysis and there is still a difference, then these salary differences are considered unexplainable.

Measures to reduce unexplained salary differences

Salary differences can arise immediately when new staff are employed. For this reason, we actively raise awareness among line managers concerning matters of equal pay and support them during the recruitment process by providing internal and external pay comparisons. We also use salary measures to narrow the pay gap between new employees and long-term employees. A third element is transparency. We have started to publish the expected salary range in our job advertisements.

How satisfied is Ron Schneider with this development?

What is certainly positive is firstly, that this puts us well below the five percent limit tolerated by the Confederation and, secondly, that we have been able to improve significantly in recent years. However, equal pay between men and women should not merely be a short-term goal, but rather a matter of course.

The next equal pay analysis

The next equal pay analysis will be carried out in May 2023 based on the 2023 salary data.