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Protect yourself against attempted fraud

Cyber-criminals regularly attempt to gain access to computers and online banking via fraudulent e-mails and phone calls. There is currently a phishing e-mail in circulation that asks the recipient to register for a new notification system from PostFinance. There are also cases where alleged support employees call PostFinance customers claiming that they need to connect via remote access to check the security of the customer’s private IT – including their e-finance account. Unauthorized payments are then triggered to your disadvantage.

You can ensure effective protection against fraud by taking a few simple steps.

  • Delete e-mails purporting to offer “urgent security advice” and under no circumstances open any attachments or links they contain: If you receive e-mails of this kind from “your bank”, they have been falsified. PostFinance and other banks do not send e-mails offering important security advice and will never ask you in an e-mail to log in.
  • Hang up if you are called by “software companies” claiming they want to help you with online banking: If you receive unsolicited calls of this kind, they are fraud attempts. Hang up straight away and under no circumstances download support software.
  • Always treat your e-finance user data and your passwords as confidential. Use them only on PostFinance sites. Do not log in to e-banking if you are specifically requested to do so by alleged bank employees. Never disclose your data to third parties, and always log out of e-finance before you allow other users to access your computer.

Your security is a top priority at PostFinance. You can tell that you are securely connected to e-finance and whether an e-mail has been sent by PostFinance as follows:

  • Look for the green text “PostFinance Ltd” in your browser’s address bar. You can only be sure that you are connected to PostFinance if you can see this text.
  • Make sure that a seal symbol is shown in e-mails. This confirms that the e-mail has been digitally signed. PostFinance only sends digitally signed messages. If the seal is missing, it is a fraud attempt.

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of a phone call or an e-mail, or when logging in to online banking, please contact the relevant company using the published phone numbers. Call the PostFinance Contact Center on 0848 888 710 (max. CHF 0.08/min. in Switzerland).